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10 Reasons Why You Need An Insulated Backpack Cooler from Outter Limits Gear USA

Nov 2, 2022 | Backpack Cooler Info

If you’ve had an insulated backpack cooler on your wish list, it’s a good bet you’ve been weighing options & deciding whether you should make the investment. This short article covers the compelling reasons why the VaultPack from Outter Limits Gear should be your first choice in insulated backpack coolers.

Whether you’re involved in outdoor adventure activities (hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, hunting, fishing, etc.), sporting events for your kids, tailgating before football games, picnics, or outdoor concerts, the VaultPack insulated backpack cooler will be the best investment you can make.

The Top Reasons Why The VaultPack Insulated Backpack Cooler Is The Best Choice


Reason 1: You want to enjoy refreshing, chilled beverages during outdoor activities occurring in warm temperatures.

Insulated backpack coolers like the Outter Limits Gear VaultPack are designed to keep food & beverages chilled. Once you’ve made it to the end point of a long hike, bike ride, or climb, it’s much more enjoyable to sip a cold beverage than a warm or lukewarm drink, and eat food that’s remained chilled and is healthy to eat.. Insulated backpack coolers like the VaultPack keep your drinks cold when you’re enjoying outdoor activities in warm temperatures, and your food properly chilled.

Reason 2: You want your food & drink chilled but not frozen.

Traditional backpack coolers that require ice to chill the pack’s contents can and will freeze your food & drink. In contrast, the VaultPack from Outter Limits Gear utilizes ice packs that keep food & drink cold but don’t freeze the backpack’s contents. Why? The interior hardcase can be compartmentalized with a series of dividers that separate the food & drink from the ice packs.

Reason 3: You want to maintain food safety.

When you’re carrying food in warm temperatures, bacteria overgrowth can compromise the food you’re carrying, leading to a nasty case of food poisoning. The VaultPack insulated backpack cooler prevents food from overheating and helps maintain food safety.

Reason 4: You want to enjoy warm beverages & food during outdoor activities in the winter.

On the other hand, when you’re enjoying outdoor winter activities, it’s much more enjoyable to partake of a hot beverage and a hearty sandwich or snack that’s not frozen. Most folks don’t want to drink cold beverages or a frozen sandwich when temperatures are cold and/or below freezing. The VaultPack is ideal for outdoor recreation in the winter because it keeps warm stuff warm.

Reason 5: You need a waterproof backpack cooler.

Many backpack coolers are water resistant. Few are actually waterproof. The VaultPack is waterproof – with a sturdy rubber coated exterior and a waterproof zipper. This frees you up to get outdoors in rain or snow without worrying that the contents of your pack will be soggy.

Reason 6: You don’t want soft food items crushed by heavier items in the backpack.

With traditional backpack coolers, it’s a common problem that soft food items like sandwiches, soft fruit, and chips are easily crushed by heavier items in the backpack such as cans and bottles. That’s not the case with the VaultPack. The VaultPack’s removable, interior hardcase is designed to be compartmentalized, with dividers that allow you to configure the case’s interior to separate soft items from hard items.

Reason 7: You want the flexibility of using either ice or cold packs.

Some folks prefer to use ice to chill their food and drink, and don’t mind that the ice melts and the pack’s interior fills with cold water. Others prefer to use cold packs because they take up less room and you’re not carrying water. Whether you use the waterproof pack with the interior hardcase or without, you have the flexibility of using ice or cold packs.

Reason 8: You want an insulated backpack cooler that lasts a long time.

One of the first parts of a backpack cooler that wears out is the base of the pack. Traditional backpack coolers typically have a fabric base. As you set the pack on rock, dirt, bleachers, or cement, the bottom of the backpack will become frayed and worn. That’s not the case with the VaultPack from Outter Limits Gear. The VaultPack has a heavy-duty, hard plastic base that lasts much longer than fabric.

Reason 9: You need a backpack cooler that doesn’t fall over.

Virtually all backpack coolers will fall over unless they’re propped or leaned against something: a tree, a rock, a park bench, etc. This is because traditional backpack cooler designs are a soft pack with nothing to hold them up. The VaultPack system is comprised of an outer waterproof insulated backpack cooler plus an interior hardcase that we call the “Vault.” The interior hardcase keeps the VaultPack upright when you set it on the ground.

Reason 10: You’d like a seat to avoid sitting on the cold, wet or damp ground.

The VaultPack also serves as a handy seat or stool, so you don’t have to sit on the ground. The interior hardcase and the padded, insulated top mean you can use the VaultPack to carry your food & drink for day excursions, and also use it as a seat. No other insulated backpack cooler can do this.

The bottom line is that an insulated backpack is a great investment for outdoor adventuring, sports events, picnics, outdoor festivals & tailgating. The VaultPack offers an innovative new design that provides a host of features & benefits that other backpack coolers don’t.

Interested in the VaultPack insulated backpack cooler? Purchase it now, and you’ll never buy a traditional backpack cooler.

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