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How the VaultPack Helps Keep Food Warm During Winter Sports

Jan 10, 2023 | Backpack Cooler Info

Ice Fishing | How To Keep Food Warm During Outdoor Sports | Outter Limits Gear

There’s nothing like a warm meal for lunch during winter activities like skiing, snowshoeing, hunting & fishing – but the big question is: how do you keep food warm during winter sports?

The answer is: An insulated backpack like the VaultPack from Outter Limits Gear.

Without an insulated backpack, the food items you’re carrying (sandwiches, fruit, chips, etc.) are exposed to the freezing temperatures and can end up ice cold, or even worse, frozen.

Insulated backpacks often are thought of as portable, hands-free coolers to be used during the summer.  But the insulation in the backpack serves as a potent protector of food during outdoor recreation in the winter.

Highlights of Insulated Backpacks

Insulated backpacks typically feature a thicker exterior “shell” which helps insulate interior items from cold in the winter or heat in the summer.

In the case of the VaultPack, the backpack features a rugged, waterproof, rubber-coated exterior, and thicker, insulated sides, bottom, and an insulated lid.

The VaultPack also features a removable interior hard case (known as the “Vault”). This interior hard case can be compartmentalized and configured to store your items in a variety of ways. In addition, the hard case has hinges at the mid-point, and can essentially be opened in 2 halves for better access to food items. The hard case provides another layer of protection to keep food warm during winter sports.

The VaultPack = Sit On It!

While weather conditions in the summer can certainly make the ground muddy, or wet, the winter also poses challenges for comfortably sitting while you eat or rest. There’s not always going to a handy rock or log on which to sit in summer or in winter. That’s not a problem with the VaultPack. Once you’ve accessed the food and drink you want to enjoy, you can zip up the VaultPack, set it in the snow, and sit on it. The heavy-duty, hard-plastic base keeps the bottom of the pack from getting soaked. And the padded insulation on the lid forms a comfortable padded seat! With the VaultPack, there’s no more sitting in the snow, or the cold wet ground. (Note: The removable, interior hard case must be inside the pack to provide a handy, off-the-ground seating option.)

Keeping Food Warm During Winter Sports Makes For A Nicer Day Escape!

There are plenty of hardy souls who don’t think twice about outdoor adventures during the winter. But if the idea of being outdoors in the winter and having to eat cold food is daunting, the VaultPack can protect your food, keep it from freezing, and allow you to enjoy the great outdoors…even in the winter!

For more information on the VaultPack, visit the Outter Limits Gear website…and let’s get outside in the winter, recreate, and enjoy a good warm meal during those outdoor adventures in the snow!

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