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Unique Valentines Gifts Ideas: The VaultPack Insulated Backpack

Jan 31, 2023 | Backpack Cooler Info

VaultPack & Valentine Background | Unique Valentines Gifts | The VaultPack by Outter Limits Gear

As we approach the Valentine’s Day 2023, men and women alike are looking for unique Valentine’s gifts for loved ones. Roses, chocolate & flowers all are worthy gifts but they’re quite common and are gone within a week.

For a truly unique Valentine’s gift for men or women who love and explore the great outdoors, the VaultPack insulated backpack is a great long-lasting Valentine’s gift that can’t be beat!

5 Reasons Why The VaultPack Is A Great Valentine’s Gift

The VaultPack = A Long-lasting Valentine’s Gift

As mentioned, flowers & chocolate are gone within the week. With a unique Valentine’s gift like the VaultPack, it will be a long-lasting gift that will be used and appreciated every time your loved one packs it up for a day getaway in the great outdoors.

The VaultPack = A Unique Gift

There’s power in the element of a pleasant surprise. While candy & flowers are a typical Valentine’s gift, you can win points with your loved one by providing a Valentines gift that is completely unexpected.

The VaultPack = A Truly Useful Gift

There’s also value in giving a loved one, friend, or family member a highly functional, useful Valentine’s gift. The VaultPack insulated backpack can be used to keep food & drink chilled in hot temps and also keep food from freezing during outdoor winter adventures. When you’re done enjoying your food and drink, you can zip the VaultPack closed, and then use it as a handy padded seat, instead of sitting on the cold, wet, damp, or muddy ground. What’s more, the recipient can use the VaultPack for a wide variety of activities: hiking, biking, boating, skiing, picnicking, tailgating, attending their kid’s sporting events, enjoying an outdoor concert, motorcycle touring, and much more.

The VaultPack = A Valentine’s Gift With A Lot of Value

The VaultPack offers tremendous value. Most backpack coolers of this quality offer the pack for the price of a VaultPack. With the VaultPack, the recipient of your gift will get an insulated backpack, a pocket panel with bottle holder & zippered pouch, the interior hard case, 4 cold packs, and a removable shoulder strap.

The VaultPack = A High-impact Valentine’s Gift That Can Be Financed

The cost of the VaultPack system with 5 components is $299. You can purchase the VaultPack outright, or you can finance the purchase of the VaultPack, and make 4 payments over time.

Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day

  • Two Different Men Named Valentine: There was more than one person who could have been St. Valentine. History shows that there were two historical figures with this name. One was a priest who secretly married couples in Rome, because the marriage of soldiers had been outlawed by the Roman emperor because the emperor thought marriage distracted the men from their soldiering duties. Another “Valentine” was known for helping Christians escape from Rome.
  • Feb 14 Was  Officially Designated as St. Valentine’s Day In The 1300s: Roman Pope Gelasius officially declared February 14th as St. Valentine’s Day in the 5th The holiday became associated with love and romance in the Middle Ages based on the commonly held belief that birds started their mating season on Feb. 14th in England & France.
  • The Oldest Valentine In History: According to History.com, the oldest record of a Valentine being sent was a love poem written by a French medieval duke to his wife in 1415. At the time he sent the first recorded Valentine, the duke was imprisoned in the Tower of London at just 21 years of age.

If you’re looking for a truly unique Valentine’s gift, the VaultPack insulated backpack should be on your radar screen. Learn more about the VaultPack, its unique design, and its benefits.

And happy Valentine’s day to all!

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