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2022-Nov 21-VaultPack Introduction

Nov 18, 2022 | Press Release

Outter Limits Gear Introduces the VaultPack Insulated Backpack Cooler System For Day Getaways, General Outdoor Recreation, Sports Events, Picnics & More


Innovative new backpack cooler design includes a waterproof backpack cooler, interior compartmentalized hard case, removable pocket panel, shoulder strap & cold packs


Nov. 21, 2022, GILLETTE, Wy. – Outter Limits Gear (outterlimitsgear.com) today introduced the VaultPack insulated backpack cooler for day getaways, general outdoor recreation (hiking, fishing, hunting, water sports), winter sports, sporting events, picnics, and more. Available now, the VaultPack is available in 3 colors: black/black, black/blue, or black/red.


The VaultPack is a pro-grade, waterproof, insulated backpack cooler system with an innovative new design not seen in the market until now. The VaultPack system is comprised of:

  • The Pack – A heavy-duty, waterproof, insulated backpack cooler
  • The Vault – A removable, interior hard case that can be configured in multiple ways to store food, drink, and other items
  • Exterior Pockets – A removable exterior pocket panel
  • Padded Straps – Padded backpack straps for carrying comfort + a removable shoulder strap
  • Cold Packs – Hard plastic cold packs for chilling food & drink


“The VaultPack features an innovative, game-changing backpack cooler design that’s the first of its kind and offers unprecedented choice, versatility & value,” said Outter Limits Gear Founder RJ Bungert. “Other high-quality backpack coolers only offer the insulated backpack cooler. In contrast, the Outter Limits Gear VaultPack offers five components, more functionality, and pro-grade construction for a comparable price.”


VaultPack 2022 Black Friday Pricing Available


The VaultPack 5-component system retails for $299. However, Outter Limits Gear is offering special Black Friday pricing in advance of the holiday season. Through Dec. 10, 2022, the VaultPack 5-component system is available for $249 – a savings of $50. To purchase the Outter Limits Gear VaultPack, visit: www.OutterLimitsGear.com.



Outter Limits Gear VaultPack Features


The VaultPack provides the following functions:

  • Keeps food & drink cold for up to 24 hours in warm temperatures
  • Keeps food & drink warm, and prevents them from freezing during outdoor winter activities
  • Keeps food & drink organized inside the configurable, compartmentalized hard case
  • Prevents food & drink from freezing by avoiding direct contact with ice or cold packs
  • Prevents soft food items from being crushed by heavier items in the pack such as cans or bottles (thanks to the interior hard case)
  • Serves as a comfortable, handy seat (thanks to the interior hard case)


Outter Limits Gear VaultPack Features Heavy-Duty Construction


The VaultPack is built to last, with quality construction & heavy-duty materials. The backpack cooler features:

  • Tear-resistant, rubber-coated exterior
  • Waterproof exterior pack with waterproof zipper
  • Sturdy interior hard case
  • Reinforced, long-lasting hard plastic base


Outter Limits Gear VaultPack Benefits


The rugged VaultPack backpack cooler offers many benefits for outdoor adventurers, families, soccer moms, and more. Benefits include:

  • Enjoy refreshing, chilled beverages and food in warm temperatures, or warm drinks and food in the winter, during outdoor activities
  • Maintains food safety when carrying food for outdoor excursions
  • Allows users to eat what they want, where they want (without food going bad)
  • Maintains the integrity of soft food items (sandwiches, chips, soft fruit)
  • Chills food & drink without freezing them
  • Keeps hands free for hiking, using walking poles, climbing, skiing, paddling, etc.
  • Provides a handy, comfortable seat to avoid sitting on the cold, wet ground (thanks to the interior hard case)
  • Stands up and doesn’t fall over (thanks to the interior hard case)
  • Comfortable to carry, with padded backpack straps, padded shoulder straps & padded back
  • Waterproof pack & waterproof zipper protects the pack’s contents in rainy environments or inclement weather


About Outter Limits Gear & The VaultPack


The Outter Limits Gear company history highlights “necessity as the mother of invention.” Outter Limits Gear was founded in 2017 by RJ Bungert, who needed a solution for enjoying healthy, safe food for lunch while working as a heavy equipment operator and miner. After many approaches with conventional coolers & backpacks, he decided to design what he needed, which ultimately became the VaultPack. In 2020, he produced the first version of the VaultPack, refined the design, and developed the current version of the VaultPack, which was introduced in November 2022. Outter Limits Gear can be reached at: 307.257.2004, or OutterLimitsGear.com.




Media Contact  Information:

Courtney DeWinter, DeWinter Marketing & PR-Denver, Colorado




Editor’s Note: High-resolution photos of the VaultPack are available by contacting Courtney DeWinter of DeWinter Marketing & PR-Denver: 303.572.8180, or www.DeWinterMarketingPR.com.




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