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Outter Limits Gear VaultPack Ideal Uses

From outdoor adventures to sports events, picnics, tailgating & more!

The VaultPack Offers

Massive Flexibility & Wide Ranges of Uses

The VaultPack from Outter Limits Gear USA offers a massive range of uses for this backpack cooler system. The VaultPack allows you to load up food and drink for a day of adventuring, exploring, recreating on land or water, attending sports events, enjoying outdoor concerts and festivals, and more.

The VaultPack features an innovative design comprised of an insulated backpack cooler, an organizable, removable interior hardcase, and accessories. The VaultPack will help keep your food and drink cold and refreshing in warm temperature, and also prevents freezing when outdoors in the winter.

Easy to carry, the VaultPack features comfortable, padded backpack straps, a padded back, and a removable shoulder strap for additional flexibility in how you carry the pack. The goal is to keep your hands free for whatever outdoor activities you’re enjoying.

Outter Limits Gear VaultPack Ideal Uses

Here’s a look at the many & varied Outter Limits Gear VaultPack ideal uses for this heavy-duty, pro-grade backpack cooler system.

Outdoor Adventurers

(Hikers, climbers, hunters, skiers, snowshoers, snowmobilers)


(Shore fishing, boat fishing, ice fishing)

Water Sports & Activities

(boating, canoeing, rafting, paddleboarding)


( day rides, group rides, festivals)


(park picnics, wildland picnics, beach picnics)

Concerts & Tailgaiting

(pre-sports events, championships, outdoor concerts)

Sporting Events & Competitions

(school football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball)

Meal Storage for Workers

(miners, electrical linesmen, construction workers, heavy-equipment operators, factory workers)

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